Plastic Cosmetic Surgery Connecticut: Acne
Chang Soo Kim, MD-Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Director
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Persistent, unsightly acne affects people of all ages. Acne outbreaks always seem to occur at the worst times creating unsightly and uncomfortable blemishes. Our team of professionals  has years of experience in treating acne successfully. The answer to curing acne is not in a single approach but in a multi-faceted approach that stops acne in its tracks. At Gold Coast Plastic Surgery and Laser Center, Dr. Kim utilizes Sciton Joule Laser technology to kill bacteria and shrink sebaceous glands (oil glands) and effectively manage persistent acne, guaranteed.* Our aestheticians provide the latest, most effective topicals and peels to decrease acne blemishes.

Why you should choose Dr. Kim and Gold Coast Plastic Surgery and Laser Center for your acne treatments

  • We offer a limited money back guarantee* on Laser Acne Treatments.
  • We take the time to talk to you about treatments you have tried in the past that may or may not have worked well.
  • We design a maintenance regimen to ensure clearer, healthier looking skin.
  • We are experienced in the treatment of acne scars with collagen replacement, fat transfer and laser resurfacing.
  • Our Sciton Joule Laser is designed to treat all skin types, safely and effectively.
  • Treatment sessions are provided by Dr. Kim, a board certified plastic surgeon.

Many physicians simply write a prescription and send you out the door. Without a thorough understanding of how to use your prescription as well as what to expect while your skin adjusts, many patients become frustrated and stop treatment. Others are very compliant but still don’t see the results they desire and turn to the drug store shelves or begin searching online for a cure in a bottle. The end result can be irritated, inflamed skin with little or no reduction in acne bumps and pustules. Whether you are a first time acne sufferer or you have been plagued with acne pustules, cysts and scars for years, we have the answer for you. At Gold Coast Plastic Surgery and Laser Center we take the time to consider all treatment options in the treatment of your skin. Using a combination of laser procedures, prescription topicals, medical grade skin care and facial treatments designed specifically for you by our licensed Aestheticians, we are able to improve your appearance dramatically. Financing is even available for those who qualify.
* Call Gold Coast Plastic Surgery and Laser Center for details today.