Plastic Cosmetic Surgery Connecticut: Veins
Chang Soo Kim, MD-Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Director
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Looking for the best way to remove unsightly veins on the face, body and legs? At Gold Coast Plastic Surgery and Laser Center, we have the answer for you. With the Sciton Joule Laser System, Dr. Kim is able to zap away veins and redness. In fact, Dr. Kim is so confident that you will see results that he offers a money back guarantee.*

Why you should choose Dr. Kim and Gold Coast Plastic Surgery and Laser Center for your laser vein treatments

  • We offer a limited money back guarantee* on Laser Vein Treatments
  • Dr. Kim talks with you about your lifestyle and designs a maintenance regimen for you so that you have fewer new veins form.
  • Our Sciton Joule Laser System is designed to treat all skin types, safely and effectively.
  • Treatment sessions are provided by Dr. Kim, a board certified plastic surgeon.

            Many physicians focus on treating the problem areas but don’t take the time to look at the bigger picture. Spider veins are a combined result of heredity, lifestyle, occupation, pregnancies and hormones. Women are four times more likely to suffer from spider veins than men. Dr. Kim will treat your spider veins with his state of the art laser systems and work with you to prevent recurrence or new vein formation. At Gold Coast Plastic Surgery and Laser Center, Dr. Kim takes the time to discuss your past and present to design a plan that works best for you. * Call Gold Coast Plastic Surgery and Laser Center for details today.