Plastic Cosmetic Surgery Connecticut: Before after case listing
Chang Soo Kim, MD-Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Director
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Before After Case Listing - Breast - Breast Augmentation


Breast Augmentation with 375 cc implants, 34 A to 34 C cup, 5 feet 0 inches, 110 lbs

This beautiful, 19 year old, college student was never comfortable with her small breast size. She wanted a well proportioned breast size with closer cleavage and youthful fullness.

Breast augmentation with 400 cc implants, 34 A to 34 D cup, 5 feet 6 inches, 135 lbs.

This 35 year old fitness instructor desires a natural looking breast augmentation to balance her athletic figure. She chose a great balance between youthful fullness and improved cleavage.

Breast Augmentation with 350 cc implants, 34 A to 34 C cup, 5 feet 4 inches, 120 lbs.

This 29 year old hair stylist wanted a fuller breast size to balance her thin upper body. She chose a moderate amoun of upper breast fullness and cleavage.

Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift for Severe Asymmetry and Tuberous Breasts, 315 cc / 400 cc implants, 34 B to 34 C cup, 5 feet 4 inches, 135 lbs.

This very athletic, 43 year old, mother of two has wanted correction of her uneven breasts since childhood. She always dreamed of fuller, less drooping breasts with smaller areola.

Breast Augmentation with 375 cc / 350 cc implants, 34 B to 34 full C, 5 feet 6 inches, 132 lbs

This 34 year old homemaker and mother of two wanted to recapture her youthful breast size and shape. She chose the most natural breast shape with less upper pole fullness and more conservative cleavage.

Breast Augmentation with 300cc implants, 32 A to 32 C cup, 5 feet 3 inches, 116 lbs.

This 44 year old physician and mother of two wanted a conservative breast size and shape with her mommy makeover. She had breast implants and a tummy tuck to create an elegant, well balanced figure.

Breast Augmentation with 250 cc implants, 34 B to 34 full C cup, 5 feet 2 inches, 105 lbs

This 27 year old wedding coordinator always wanted greater upper breast fullness and closer cleavage. Her breast size balances her figure and allows her to wear any type of outfit confidently.

Breast Augmentation for Correction of Asymmetry with 425 cc and 375cc implants, 36 A to D cup, 5 feet 5 inches, 120 lbs.

This 28 year old spa coordinator always wanted improvement of uneven breast size and shape. She wants full, youthful breast with greater symmetry.

Breast Augmentation and Lift with 350 cc implants, 36 B to 36 D cup, 5 feet 3 inches, 116 lbs.

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