Plastic Cosmetic Surgery Connecticut: Natural Fat Transfer
Chang Soo Kim, MD-Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Director
The Perfect Harmony of Artistry, Surgery and Technology

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Natural Fat Transfer

“ The latest approaches to natural fat transfer represent the future of long lasting soft tissue fillers.”  Dr. Kim

Harness the fountain of youth within yourself. Youthful appearance is defined by healthy skin, few wrinkles and full features. Dr. Kim’s unique approach to natural fat transfer will revitalize your skin, fill wrinkles and plump hollow cheeks and lower eyelid dark circles. Many years of experience have refined Dr. Kim’s artistic approach to natural fat transfer.

Why you should choose Dr. Kim for your natural fat transfer

  • Dr. Kim focuses on achieving an artistic balance for your face and body.
  • Comprehensive pre-operative analysis improves desired results.
  • Gentle handling of fatty tissue improves longevity of fat cells.
  • Natural growth factors and stem cells within the fat improve overall skin appearance and health.
  • Meticulous post-treatment care personally provided by Dr. Kim.
  • Direct access to Dr. Kim via cell phone following your procedure.

There is nothing more natural than your own body. The advantages of natural fat transfer to “off the shelf” fillers include longer lasting results, softer look and feel of fat and less overall cost. Also, your own adult fat cells are a rich source of adult stem cells and natural growth factors that revitalize and thicken the skin. The end result is a natural, long term facial rejuvenation. Fat transfer is not just for improvement of facial aesthetics. If you have post traumatic or post liposuction soft tissue irregularities, you can also benefit from the filling and revitalizing properties of natural fat transfer.

Natural fat transfer is an office procedure. Small amounts of local anesthesia is placed under the skin, usually in the abdomen, hips or thighs. A nano-fat harvesting cannulla is used to gently remove small amounts of fat cells. Then Dr. Kim processes the fat cells in a way that maximizes fat longevity and improves the amount of natural stem cells and growth factors. Dr. Kim then carefully places the fat where needed, using small injections.

Finally, Dr. Kim performs your post-operative evaluation and care himself to ensure proper healing and results. Unlike many of his colleagues, Dr. Kim provides you direct access to his cell phone following your procedure.