Plastic Cosmetic Surgery Connecticut: What are the Four Key Approaches
Chang Soo Kim, MD-Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Director
The Perfect Harmony of Artistry, Surgery and Technology

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What are the four key approaches?

“The subtle and balanced treatment of facial ageing with multiple modalities results in benefits that exceed the sum of the parts.”  Dr. Kim

Are you ready to experience the Four Key Approaches to non-invasive facial rejuvenation? Relax, Contour, Smooth and Fill. Dr. Kim's personalized approach to achieve natural, youthful beauty is ideally suited for patients who do not want traditional surgery. Patients of all ages can realize the preventative and anti-ageing benefits of these treatments. You may have heard of or seen different treatments in other doctor’s offices. Only Gold Coast Plastic Surgery and Laser Center, LLC provides Dr. Kim’s unique, artistic style and method of treatment. His goal with every patient is to create and restore beauty. Dr. Kim also packages and times treatments for maximum clinical benefit and minimal downtime.

Why you should choose Dr. Kim for your non-invasive facial rejuvenation

  • Dr. Kim focuses on achieving an artistic balance for your face.
  • Comprehensive pre-operative analysis improves desired results.
  • Treatment regimens incorporate advanced laser technology, skin care regimens, skin supplements and the latest FDA approved medications.
  • Meticulous post-procedure care personally provided by Dr. Kim.
  • Direct access to Dr. Kim via cell phone following your procedure.

Relax – Relieve stress lines on the forehead, brow, crows feet and lips with safe and effective medications.

Contour – Lift sagging neck and jowls and tired eyes with non-invasive skin tightening.

Smooth – Achieve the smooth, clear skin that you have always dreamed of using the most advanced laser treatments and medical skincare.

Fill – Restore volume to the face using clinically proven collagen stimulators and fillers.

Our patients are thrilled with the doctor’s artistic, modern approach as well as the outstanding level of care they receive while visiting our center. The best part- treatments are done in the office, making gorgeous, youthful results easier than ever to achieve!